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FDIC Insurance Greater Than 250K - CDARS
PCB Announces FDIC Insurance Coverage in excess of $250,000 - CDARS
  • As of August 2008 there were eight bank failures with assets totaling $36.1 Billion. Pasadena based Indymac Bank was by far the largest of these bank failures.
  • About 10,000 Indymac customers had deposits greater than FDIC insurance limits. These customers stand to lose 20% to 50% or more of their uninsured deposit balances.
Do you have any deposits at risk?

...Got FDIC?


To ensure insurance coverage in excess of the FDIC’s $250,000 limit,

One way is to spread your deposits across multiple banking institutions to gain this coverage or

The easier way is to get a Pacific Commerce Bank CDARS Account (Certificate of Deposit Account Registry Service).

CDARS provides:
  • Access to multi-million dollars of FDIC Insurance.
  • Insured CD accounts earning at competitive interest rates
  • “Peace of mind”
  • Convenience. “One Bank. One Rate. One Statement”
Watch a brief video below which further describes how CDARS works. Click the image below to play.

For more information about our CDARS program contact our Downtown Los Angeles office at (213) 617-0082, West Los Angeles office at (310) 445-9033, or San Diego office at (858) 500-3098.

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