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Our Story

Pacific Commerce Bank opened in Little Tokyo on October 10, 2002, and opened a second branch in West Los Angeles three years later. In its early years, the bank established a strong foothold in the Japanese-American business community, servicing the needs of many local businesses and participating in numerous charitable and civic activities neighboring each branch location.

In early 2006, the Bank undertook a successful plan of broadening its focus beyond the Japanese-American business community, bringing in a new Executive Management Team, and launching its Commercial Lending Division and Small Business Lending Division (SBA).

Looking forward, the Bank has not faltered from its original focus of providing the best possible service to its customers. Today, the Bank continues to provide superior customer service but to a broader and more diverse population of businesses and individuals. Our diverse multi-lingual employee base can accommodate most major Asian languages, Spanish, and of course- English.

Our Approach

Traditionally, large banks have not done an effective job of servicing the needs of small business owners. Their approach of “one size fits all” is applied to both large and small businesses with smaller businesses being less accommodated.

Fundamental to the success of Pacific Commerce Bank is the understanding that as a community bank, we can not take the “all things to all people” approach. Rather, we distinguish our Bank by providing a personalized approach to your banking needs whether business or personal.

We are the home of “Relationship” Banking with our focus and expertise:
  • For Small Business
    With a location in Downtown Los Angeles and proximity to the adjacent Artist Loft and Alameda corridor markets, Pacific Commerce Bank is convenient to thousands of small business owners who operate in the immediate area representing diverse retail and wholesale businesses such as distribution and garment manufacturing.
  • For Professionals
    Our West Los Angeles, Downtown Los Angeles and San Diego locations accommodate the needs of many professional small business entities specializing in medical/healthcare, law, accounting and advisory group practices.
For each locations, our customer loyalty was established and continues today because of the personalized approach offered to our diverse customer base in service levels and product offerings. Our product menu, influenced by our client needs accommodate both the banking and lending products.


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