Our Story

In 2002, Japanese community leaders in Los Angeles founded Pacific Commerce Bank committed to providing a business bank that would meet the needs of the Japanese-American business community. Similarly in 2008, a few business leaders in Chula Vista recognized a similar need for the Hispanic-American community that resulted in the formation of Vibra Bank.

With common ambitions, the leadership of both bank boards met in 2014 to propose a combined entity that would create an institution with four branch locations doubling the asset size and expanding the geographic footprint from Los Angeles to the southern-most border of California. The business potential for the combined bank would exceed what each could individually accomplish in the broader Southern California market place.

December 2015, brought the organization of the holding company Pacific Commerce Bancorp to increase capital in anticipation of an additional acquisition.

In February 2016 we welcomed our fifth branch, in Pasadena, while adding a seasoned team of bankers.

More recently, in May 2016, we partnered with ProAmerica Bank, another Los Angeles based institution with similar community-based ideals. ProAmerica Bank, a division of Pacific Commerce Bank, operates our sixth branch office from downtown Los Angeles and speaks to the success of our planning for strategic growth through organic and merger/acquisition strategies.

Pacific Commerce Bank and our employees are committed to providing superior customer service and products to a much broader and more diverse population of businesses types and population of customers. Traditionally, large banks do not do an effective job of servicing the needs of small business owners. Their approach of “one size fits all” is applied to both large and small businesses with smaller businesses being less accommodated. 

Fundamental to the success of Pacific Commerce Bank is the understanding that as a community bank, we cannot take the “all things to all people” approach. Rather, we distinguish our Bank by providing a personalized approach to your banking needs whether business or personal. 

We are the home of “Relationship” Banking with our focus on service and professionalism. Visit us and tell us “Your Story” so that we can customize services and products for you.